About Travel Gossip

Travel Gossip: non-traditional trade media that cuts through the noise.

Travel Gossip is a fast-growing trade media brand offering a wide range of modern marketing solutions for the travel industry.

We offer you an unbeatable combination of social media, online and live events to ensure you cut through and reach travel agents.


We are the leading provider of B2B social media marketing, delivering 2.4 million campaign impressions a year directly into the newsfeeds of travel agents on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Travel Gossip is the home of travel’s largest and most active online community – the Travel Gossip Facebook group.


Travel Gossip News has fast become the favourite travel news source for many travel professionals since its launch in April 2021.

We have already built up a loyal following with thousands of unique visitors each day and a daily news email subscriber base of 13,000+ with an open rate of well over 30%.


Online is great but nothing beats meeting travel agents face-to-face.

The Travel Gossip Roadshow is a great way to meet hundreds of agents from all over the UK to build lasting and meaningful business relationships.

We have 22 events planned for 2022 – join us!


We are the leading provider of travel trade virtual training and promotion.

We delivered 20 webinars
and 38 punchy ‘Take 5‘ live broadcasts in 2021.

Over 1,500 different agents registered for our virtual events and our footage reached over 20,000 UK travel professionals.